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Pixhawk Cube Blue H7

Pixhawk Cube Blue H7

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Cubepilot Pixhawk Cube Blue H7

(Previously known as Pixhawk 2.1)

The world's most advanced auto pilot for open autonomous unmanned vehicles. Redundant, temperature controlled, isolated. 

Equipped with high performance H7 processor

H7 has a Cortex M7 with double-precision (DP) FPU, 400MHz CPU, A Cortex M4 running at 200 MHz, 2MB of Flash, and 1MB RAM, this Dual core architecture provides high performance and stable solution for flight. Fully ArduPilot and PX4 supported, including Copter, Plane, Rover, Sub, and Blimp. 

New Sensors on upgraded IMU

Real-time triple redundant IMU system on the flight controller provides backups if errors occur, enhancing safety and reliability.

Early switching on PWM output signal voltage

PWM output signal levels can be switched from 3.3V to 5V signal levels. Voltage switching is via a simple parameter change. This provides the ability to provide a larger margin on signaling in some difficult configurations of aircraft on external peripherals.

Temperature Stabilized IMU

Isolating the system from excessive vibration. 

Support for multiple vehicle types

Including Helicopter, Multicopter, Fixed Wing, VTOL, Rover, Boat, and Submarine. 

Support for multiple flight modes

Including Loiter, Altitude Hold, AUTO (with waypoints), and Guide mode.

  • Supports Mission Planner and QGroundControl ground control stations.
  • Built-in flight logging. 
  • Supports companion computers such as NVIDIA and Raspberry Pi. 
  • Supports OSD.
  • Protection Function: Smart RTL, battery low protection, Geo-Fencing, RC signal protection.


For the full Cube Module Overview click here

* Made in the USA. NDAA Section 848 Compliant 

 Hardware Specifications

 Main Processor STM32H757 Dual Core M7 +M4
Coprocessor STM32F100
Supported RC signals PPM/SBUS/DSM
Power redundancy Triple redundancy
Sensors Triple IMU System
Sensor details

IMU1 (Isolated) ICM42688

IMU2 (Isolated) ICM20948 or ICM42688

IMU3 (Fixed) ICM20649 or ICM45686

MS5611 X 2 (Baro)

Supported firmware Ardupilot, PX4, and Hionos DO-178C
Supported vehicle types

Fixed-wing Plane




VTOL-plane Rover/boat/submarine

Weight 73g
Chassis Material CNC Aluminum Alloy (cube) + ABS Molding (Carrier Board)

 38.4 X 38.4 X 22mm

Operating Temperature -10~+55° IMU with temperature control
PWM I/Os 14
Mavlink serial interface 4
Number of GPS supported 2
Debug Interface 2
I2C interface 2
CAN interface 2
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